About the Beach Hut

At the Beach Hut in Marazion, Marilyn and Sid Duncan have been providing holistic treatments since 1999. We are now focussing on promoting our range of natural remedies such as Healing Hand, Greenfingers and our new Synergy Lotion. All products are now available to order online. If you have a specific query, please get in touch with us.

email: sales@beachut.co.uk

Telephone: 01736 711116

Address: The Beach Hut, Market Place, Marazion TR17 0AR

Marilyn Duncan  RPP  MIFA   RAW Dip  SAC Dip  ITEC  BCMA

Marilyn Duncan has been a multi-therapist and natural healer since 1995 and brings a unique combination of skills and natural healing ability to her work. She originally trained as a massage therapist in 1995 before studying Aromatherapy in-depth to find a way to cure her own chronic hay-fever and migraines.

Having successfully reduced the occurrence of both symptoms to virtually nil, she launched her own ‘Healing Hand’ product and successfully marketed it to friends and a much wider audience.

This was followed by a further three years of specialist training in the highly effective Polarity Therapy, Reflexology and Advanced Therapeutic Massage.

Marilyn also trained as a Reiki Master some ten years ago and finds this to be an extremely useful addition to her everyday practice.

Before opening the Beach Hut in 1999, Marilyn ran the Harfield Clinic, a small, successful practice in Surrey.

Sid Duncan  SAC Dip  Cert ST  Cert ED.PE   MCMA

Sid Duncan is a multi-therapist, specialising in the relief of pain and discomfort from restricted muscles, immobility, back pain and sports injuries. Sid provides foot care, wellbeing and health routines, using a combination of natural healing techniques.

Sid’s specialisations include therapeutic massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, crystals therapy and biosound. He also works with clients to build gentle stretching and exercise routines for increased mobility, strength and postural awareness.

Balancing the body from within brings about a sense of well-being, peace, happiness, harmony and fulfilment.