Natural remedies

Healing Hand natural remedies from the Beach Hut

Natural healing remedy products from the Beach Hut

Our Healing Hand products have been developed by Marilyn Duncan at the Beach Hut, following many years of research and trial. Healing Hand specifically encourages nature’s own healing process and soothes away aches, pains and skin conditions using only safe, effective natural ingredients.

Healing Hand is a special blend of lavender essential oil and Vitamin E in a cream base or a fast-absorbing carrier oil. There are literally dozens of types of lavender, then hundreds of oils with different formulations influenced by where it is grown, soil type and condition and climate. Our growers have produced an oil with wonderful therapeutic properties, reliability and stable quality that is incomparable to others.

Great for soothing tired and aching muscles, relieving tedious skin conditions and even helping to relieve the symptoms of hayfever, our Healing Hand products are a great addition to any medicine cabinet.

Follow the links for more information about Healing Hand products and to buy online through our secure store. You can also buy direct from the Beach Hut in Marazion by calling 01736 711116.

The benefits of lavender…

Lavender is non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing, has over 100 constituents and covers so many bases it is long considered a brilliant all-rounder.  It is not for internal use and not to be used in pregnancy without qualified advice, otherwise go ahead and use it and enjoy the benefits. Can also be used for pets.