Over the past twenty years, we have provided relief, relaxation and delight for hundreds of customers in Cornwall and the wider UK. Here is a selection of testimonials that we have received:

On our Healing Hand products:

“Your Healing Hand is a miracle cream. We use it to calm troubled skin, energise tired muscle areas and heal minor cuts and bruises…”

Mrs R, Caterham

“…after just three days of applying Healing Hand in the morning and again before bed the rash had disappeared. The lovely lavender smell was an added bonus…”

Miss L, Isles of Scilly

“Thank you for the oil, it really is wonderful stuff. Very rarely do I have to use painkillers these days, which has to be good.”

Mrs S, New Forest

“I found immediate relief from the symptoms. The irritation stopped and the rash started fading. After about ten days the rash (side effect of essential medication) disappeared completely. I would not hesitate to recommend this excellent product. Thank you again”

Mr M, Horsham

“Healing Hand cream is incredible stuff for all parts of the body”

Mr R, Surrey

“…some friends asked me to order more cream for them as they really liked mine!”

Ms H, Wadebridge

“…my daughters call it Marilyn’s magic cream…”

Mrs G, Goldsithney

“…by the way – I burnt my wrist on steam from a kettle – and your Healing Hand cream was fantastic”

Ms I, Lindfield

“…T has rubbed in Healing Hand cream after her hand operation and this has helped the wound-healing process and reduced scarring.”

M, Surrey

“How very pleased I am that I bought a jar of your cream.”

L, St Mary’s