Thank you for visiting the web site of Marilyn and Kye Duncan, professional Holistic Therapists

Marilyn brings her expertise and experience gathered from over 25 years of running her Holistic Health Clinics to offering consultations including local and distance in the UK, and also International, via telephone, zoom and skype, for healing, counselling, mentoring, and energy re-balancing from our healing space located on the beautiful Isle of Wight, UK.

Kye writes creative meditations and music compositions which perfectly complement the work that Marilyn does.

NEWS: After many years of 'hands on' practical help for her clients Marilyn has 'retired', but  is still offering limited 1:1 clinic treatments. Frozen joints/joint mobility and trauma related healing regularly undertaken, to help free up those fingers and shoulders. Sometimes following breakages and medical interventions help is required to re-establish nerve sensation and movement.

                        We have a great track record:  Don't stay stuck  .....  if we can help, we will.  If we can't ~ we'll say so! 

Appointments are available, please ask.  Reflexology appointments also available.

You'll be relieved to know her popular HEALING HAND products are still available through this are telephone consultations, distant healing, counselling and mentoring. 

A holistic way to improve and maintain your health:

Every body has its own unique blueprint.

when accident or intervention, or indeed the stresses of everyday life, cause trauma to our bodies it is recorded in our fascia. Our bodies generally do a great job in repairing and replenishing our systems and will always try to get back to our original blueprint. 

Sometimes trauma and too much stress will inhibit that process and the flow of body energy becomes compromised. 

If this continues over a period of time the organs in that area will begin to suffer.

We know that our ongoing good health depends on a free flow of vital energy throughout our bodies every day,

together with good nutrition. and exercise. 

We look at each person as an individual - everyone is the result of their years to date

Here are just some ways how a consultation could help you: 

  • Re-balance your body’s energy systems and get back to that  'Feeling Good' feeling

  • Feeling you have not yet reached your full potential, and it's outside your reach 

  • Wanting to manifest abundance

  • Finding your true path to your deeper purpose

  • Discovering the well of transformation

  • Wanting to live your truth and grow spiritually

  • Being at peace with your own self, and with others

  • Increasing your self worth and esteem

  • Being at the centre of your own creation

  • Losing your fears and anxiety and replacing with positive constructive energy

  • Learning to follow your heart with confidence

  • Overcoming and dissolving any negative blocks, or self sabotaging obstacles or beliefs,  in your life    

All you require is an open mind and a real desire to move your life forward. 

For more information including fees please see the Consultations page.

We are passionate about helping you achieve a happy and fulfilling life.

Following a consultation we will give you the tools to maintain your optimum energy balance and equilibrium. 

Our Products: *created for things that are slow to heal*

We have over 20 years experience in helping to relieve, or banish altogether, the debilitating symptoms associated with:​

  • Pain

  • Tiredness

  • Troubled Skin 

  • Headaches

  • Poor Sleep 

  • Stiff Muscles and Joints

  • Hay Fever 

  • Wounds that are slow to Heal 

  • Broken Bones that are slow to Heal

and many others


With our applied knowledge, our unique blends of pure essential oils have a proven track record, with many hundreds of satisfied customers. We only use the highest quality ingredients in our products, blended to our exacting standards and proven formulae.

Our clients tell us that they feel an amazing sense of well-being and relief as they begin to feel their energy freeing up and flowing again.

It is often described as a ribbon of warmth flowing from the congested area (pain) into freedom.

As the energy balances the warmth subsides and they just have a feeling of peace.


Marilyn's Book:

Getting You Back in the Driving Seat of Your Life

Check it out on the Resources Page 

Contact Us:

Marilyn: 07710 482532

Kye: 07710 482534

Bembridge, Isle of Wight  UK