Marilyn Duncan    Holistic Therapist

Marilyn began her journey into Holistic Therapy in 1994,  when after getting little relief for her chronic hayfever which afflicted her most of the year, she finally decided to do something about it herself. That 'it' was to attend a local college and become (amongst other things)  an Aromatherapist.  She achieved this with flying colours, and shortly thereafter devised her own blend of essential oils to treat herself.  Almost miraculously the hayfever disappeared  and has hardly troubled her since. This, as you can imagine,  sparked a terrific desire in her to learn even more about other Holistic Therapies.  So began a journey of total commitment and devotion to  becoming the best multi-practitioner she could be, in Polarity Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Holistic and Therapeutic massage. She is also a Reiki Master, with Counselling, and NLP skills. Sharing these skills, knowledge and experience with her clients and many others, is what she excels at. 

The use of Essential Oils and Crystals have played an important role in her life and continue to do so on a daily basis. 

Marilyn specialises, in Stress relief and Natural Healing. Over the years she has become adept at listening to her Clients and then Listening to their body as she begins to work with them. Often picking up on imbalances that are at the root of the problem which have gone unnoticed previously.

As she works the body gently responds, her intuition teases out those places where Energy is often held and imbalanced. As it responds her clients often feel the Energy moving like a ribbon of warmth and their awareness in their body changes. They often say it is a feeling that has to be experienced rather than described. In our previous town the local folk described it as having been 'Marilyn'd' and everyone knew what they meant!

Few things go unnoticed.  Many Clients choose to keep in touch long after their initial treatments simply because it has made such a difference to them and they wish to remain friends.

Kye Duncan     Music Meditation Artist & Holistic Therapist
SAC Dip (Hons)  MCMA


Whilst living in Cornwall in 2001, Kye had an amazing experience, a treasured moment of realisation, when  he finally grasped the practicality of holistic body energy ... something magical which fuels our every cell, firing up our lives every second, every minute, every day and all throughout our lives.   Of course, he had known about the 'concept' of holistic treatments and the use of essential oils, having been married to Marilyn, a very successful practitioner for many years, and seeing the positive and heart warming stories and results achieved in her Holistic Therapy Practice, on a day by day basis.  Furthermore he had witnessed the healing effects that Marilyn's creams and lotions were having on the local village populace, and further afield.  But the full realisation hit home  when Kye really 'felt' this energy for the first time.  It occurred to him that there could be an awful lot more to this than meets the eye, and so began his own personal journey to obtaining his own qualifications to work with clients, whilst developing the healing side of his music, using his own piano/keyboard compositions.   He continued treating clients at their Holiistic Therapies Clinic in Marazion, Cornwall until 2016 when he and Marilyn moved to Bembridge, Isle of Wight.  

Kye composes music and writes short narratives which can be experienced together or separately for healing, inspiration, motivation; finding, and allowing your true self to emerge, freshly energised and activated in the fulfillment of all that you can be, making your dreams become your reality.

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