Distance Healing, Counselling and Mentoring & Some Clinic Appointments

Our consultations are tailor-made for each client, as each client is unique.

Whilst Marilyn will not be offering many 1:1 treatments any more at her clinic, after over 25 years of running her clinics, she will continue to offer distance healing, counselling, mentoring and guidance.

However, some appointments are still available, see 'News' on the Home Page. 

Reflexology and Healing work, are still being undertaken especially for lack of mobility in joints e.g. stiff fingers /white finger (necrosis) we have had great results - again, if we can help we will - if not we'll say so. Stiff and frozen shoulders also benefit from these treatments.  

Where a general rebalancing/ grounding of the system is required that is also possible. Simply ask.

Other Consultations where appropriate are available by:

  • telephone   

  • zoom

  • skype

Here are just some examples of how a consultation could help you: 

  • re-balance your body’s energy systems and get back to that  'Feeling Good' feeling

  • dealing with stress

  • getting back in control and in the driver's seat of your life 

  • controlling your thoughts

  • reclaiming your power

  • feeling you have not yet reached your full potential, and it's outside your reach 

  • have more time..quit procrastinating

  • doing more for yourself

  • being valued and not being taken for granted

  • getting rid of things that just drain your energy

  • letting go of your old narrative

  • enjoying more satisfactory relationships

  • understanding and creating your own boundaries

  • looking after yourself

  • knowing what really matters in life

  • wanting to manifest abundance

  • finding your true path to your deeper purpose

  • discovering the well of transformation

  • wanting to live your truth and grow spiritually

  • being at peace with your own self, and with others

  • boosting your self worth, self confidence and self esteem

  • being at the centre of your own creation, taking action

  • losing your fears and anxiety and replacing with positive constructive energy

  • learning to follow your heart with confidence

  • overcoming and dissolving any negative blocks, or self-sabotaging obstacles or beliefs,  in your life    

  .....and many more....

All you require is an open mind and a real desire to move your life forward. 

We are passionate about helping you achieve a happy and fulfilling life.

Following a consultation we will give you the tools to maintain your optimum energy balance and equilibrium. 

Consultation Fees:

Please contact Marilyn for an initial free chat 

07710 482532