HEALING HAND Our Bestseller since 1995

Our original, bestseller and still the most popular cream. Healing Hand has a track record of many years of satisfied customers who continue to find this unique product helpful for their everyday needs. They tell us it has proved effective for stiff muscles, work weary hands and feet, aching joints, eases discomfort in these areas and helping with mobility. Where skin has become irritated with exposure to sun and wind or chaffed with clothing etc. we are advised that the soothing effect of our unique product reduces swelling and redness and helps to calm the area. Many people use it to ease tension in the neck and shoulders caused by sitting in one position too long - at a laptop or sedentary job. Others find it useful for headaches and general tiredness, whilst calming the whole system generally, it gives you a chance to draw breath and feel refreshed.

Clients and customers report that soothed into their feet at night seems to aid a restful sleep.
Many use it for bites, burns, bumps and bruises.

Children call it 'Marilyn's magic cream'.

Available as a cream in a 60ml pot,

or 100ml and 250ml dispensers

Ideal for treatment rooms or in a family situation where several members may be using it. 

A handy rollerball concentrated format, ideal for kit bag hand bag or pocket.

Contains a unique blend of pure essential oil of Lavender and Vitamin E, in a cream base. Parabens free.

To use, soothe a little around the affected area, repeating as required.

Healing Hand 60 ml

  • Satisfaction Guarantee:

    We aim to despatch goods within 48 hrs from stock, but please allow up to 14 days. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the product within 30 days of purchase you may return it with the receipt for a refund of the sale price (plus post & packaging if cancelled within 7 days of ordering or receiving your goods in the UK).