Healing Hand 

Our original and most popular product

is available in

  • a handy 60ml glass pot

  • 100ml dispenser

  • 250ml dispenser (pump)

  • 12ml roller ball essence


H H Cream 60_edited.jpg

60ml pot (cream)   £12.00 


Cream Dispenser

100ml   £20.00

250ml   £38.00

 Pump - see shop

Roller Ball.jpg

12ml Rollerball (oil)


Our own very popular healing hand range of aromatherapy based healthcare products, has been used successfully by hundreds of our customers with many proven uses:  


  • speeds healing

  • eases sore tired muscles, tension in the neck, back and limbs ~ may also help to free up painful joints and increase mobility in these areas

  • headaches

  • nervous tension 

  • insomnia

  • inflammation

  • insect bites

  • hayfever

  • skin that is slow to heal 

  • as a foot massage to relax the body and encourage sleep

The cream contains a unique blend of pure essential oil of Lavender and Vitamin E, in a cream base. Parabens free.

The rollerball version of Healing hand, another of our most popular products, is a pure oil concentrate of Lavender essential oil blended with Avocado oil and Vitamin E.

It is absorbed by the skin very quickly to rapidly bring relief.

A 'go to' essential for your everyday needs



Greenfingers 60.jpg

60ml pot (Cream) £15.00

Great for gardeners


100ml  £23.00


Contains a unique blend of Aloe Vera, Seaweed and jojoba oil in a cream base, with essential oils of Lavender, Frankincense, Bergamot and Neroli to aid healing, and with Benzoin, Rose and Vitamin E to nurture the skin.  


A popular cream with gardeners! Nurtures the skin. Apply some cream to hands or feet  and allow 'greenfingers' to do its work of soothing those tired hands or feet, and aiding the healing of those bumps and bruises and minor cuts, soothing aching muscles and joints, dry or chapped skin - feel the tension and tiredness ease away, and your skin becoming softened and nourished.