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About the book:

Getting You Back in The Driving Seat of Your Life

is an inspirational and practical guide for identifying what may be keeping you stuck and showing you the do-able incremental steps to a happy fulfilling and meaningful life.

This book will show you how to: 

  •  Discover why and where you are stuck and what's holding you back.

  • Take back control and responsibility.

  • Welcome change and understand how to empower your life.

  • Take positive steps to a happy and fulfilling life.


Marilyn is a highly qualified, widely experienced and very successful multi-therapist, having run clinics in Surrey and Cornwall for more than 20 yrs., where she has been in constant demand. She is a renowned practitioner who has helped bring about life-changing results for her clients. 

Her practical 'seeds for change', given space and nurtured, will grow into an ever-increasing awareness and perception of life, leading to many opportunities to reach for new horizons and richly rewarding experiences. ENJOY!